What do we Teach?


Our Curriculum


At MyBaby Nursery, we understand the need for learning and instruction for children of all ages and abilities.

A curriculum is like a road map; it helps you get where you want to go. A comprehensive, developmentally appropriate curriculum such as The Creative Curriculum includes objectives for children’s development and learning and offers choices and encourages flexibility.

Our curriculum focuses on quality, planned activities so that the child experiences fun while learning.

Our program emphasizes on personal and social development, language skills, in addition to creative and physical development.

Children are continuously observed and assessed in an unremarkable manner and their progress is considered through a method that respects their individuality. Student evaluations are based on both creative curriculum standards and the most current educational research. Formal written evaluations that cover all aspects of education are completed and sent home twice a year.

These evaluations are based on the child’s progress for his/her age and ability; it is not a mean to “grade” your child or to compare him/her with another child.

In addition to that, you will receive a daily report on the activities’ your child has accomplished during the day and at the end of each month, you will receive your child’s work as well as our newsletter.




A well-planned and safe room for infant, toddlers, and preschoolers is a welcoming place for children and a pleasant- efficient place in which to work.

Classes are arranged so that all children can be seen at all times. Space is identified for each of the routines and experiences. Toys and materials are assorted in a way that children can independently reach the desired toy or material.

For infant and toddlers, one of the most important things in setting up an environment for mobile infant is that they move from place to place therefore, classes are protected with spaces where children can crawl, walk, and fall safely. Mobile infants begin to have preferences and like to choose what to play with and what to do, for that, classes are organized in a way to offer different play experiences, such as places to play with toys, roll balls, and look at books.


Daily routine

  • Daily routines offer children a sense of stability, and a feeling of warmth and caring from their teachers.
  • We provide a healthy balance for children, between group times and more solitary moments, quiet and noisy activities, indoor and outdoor play.
  • Islamic studies are also implemented in our curriculum.
  • Cooking, sand/water corner, Swimming, pretend play, arts & crafts, planting, Climbing wall, Educational movies, & outdoor play are also part of our routine.