Art & Crafts/Free Painting

Arts and crafts play an important role in early years education, helping to encourage creativity, awaken the imagination and introduce young children to new textures and sensations.

Sand-Water Corner

Sand is an excellent tool for exposing children to a wide range of sensory experiences.

Science and Discovery

Science is done twice a week as part of free play and everyone is encouraged and welcome.

Educational Trips

Trips and Excursions give children educational experiences away from their regular school environment.

Pretend Play

Pretend play can help children to develop many different types of social skills, it can assist physical development, and is particularly vital to emergent language and verbal skills.

and.. Many More

Swimming, GYM,Story Reading, Puppet Show, Educational Trips are also part of our routine as well as Health Education.

My daughter is very happy at the nursery and she is being looked after by the same members of staff who used to look after my son several years ago, which is nice. The team is very friendly, approachable and always meet my demands.

Hassan's Dad

My son loves nursery so much it is very hard to get him to come home sometimes! The staff are very friendly and like a second family to us.

Ayaa's Mum

From our son’s first day at Nursery we have been very happy with the care he’s received, and reassured that he’s well looked after by the whole team. The communication is great so we know exactly what he’s been up to during the day, and we can talk about what he’s learnt and support what he’s doing at home.

Saif's Dad